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Transforming Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Performance in a Highly Competitive Category

The Situation

A pharmaceutical company was facing slow growth in one of its key therapeutic areas. Given no product or regulatory innovation was planned, the team identified field sales rep performance in building relationships and driving doctor prescription rates as a crucial potential growth driver. SPG was engaged to work with Sales leadership and management to design and execute a test with a group of field reps to pilot and prove out a winning approach, which could subsequently rolled out to the entire sales team.

What We Did

  • SPG worked with Sales leaders to identify and work with a test group of territory medical sales reps
  • SPG used its Sales CEO TM model to:
    • Identify what “gold level” performance would be for this company in its industry for its field reps
    • Quantitatively measure current performance vs. that “gold” standard
    • Develop and implement a performance improvement plan to raise all test reps’ performance toward the “gold” level
  • SPG facilitated and coached sales leadership and regional managers throughout the process and provided periodic direct coaching to reps


Reps who participated in the one year Sales CEO test delivered dramatically superior results to their peers.

  • Sales CEO Reps attained better business outcomes vs. non-Sales CEO Reps.
  • Sales Growth +30%
  • Recognition Rewards +213%
  • Sales CEO Reps had more “up time”, made better calls and leveraged more resources vs. non-Sales CEO Reps.
  • Days in Field +6%
  • “Gold Call” Compliance +11%
  • Specialized Resource Use in Field +88%
  • Learning Program Delivery +45%

The company plans to roll out the model to its entire salesforce.